Foreign Economics & Management
LiZengquan, Editor-in-Chief
ZhengChunrong, Vice Executive Editor-in-Chief
YinHuifang HeXiaogang LiuJianguo, Vice Editor-in-Chief
About Foreign Economics & Management

Foreign Economics & Management (FEM) is an influential peer reviewed management journal in China. With its impact factor in the top 10 among all CSSCI (Chinese Social Science Index) management journals, FEM has a high reputation in nearly 40 years. It is a must-read publication of management among teachers, researchers and practitioners in China. 
FEM has a top editorial board, a sufficient manuscript and a stable author team. Now FEM promotes exploring of management wisdom in eastern countries by a special and influential column of Eastern Management. This column attracts extensive attention in the world, and has an international peer review team.
FEM also enjoys a good reputation in supplemented new media promotion. Readers can watch the interpretation video by the authors while they scan the QR Codes attached to the papers in the print media.