Journal of Finance and Economics
LiuYuanchun, Editor-in-Chief
ZhengChunrong, Vice Executive Editor-in-Chief
YaoLan BaoXiaohua HuangJun, Vice Editor-in-Chief
About Journal of Finance and Economics

Journal of Finance and Economics is one of the most widely cited academic journals on economics in China. Published monthly, the journal is sponsored by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, with the first issue in 1956. The Impact factor of this journal ranks the first in all peer reviewed economic journals sponsored by Chinese universities. It has received a number of Top journal honors in China: Supported journal by the National Social Science Foundation of China, “Top 100 leading newspapers and journals” by State Administration of Press, Publication, radio, film and Television of P. R. China, “Famous column” by the Ministry of Education of P. R. China. Journal of Finance and Economics publishes leading research across all the major fields of Economics, including Public Economy, Finance, Accounting, Economic history, Regional Economics, Industrial Economics, International Economics.